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Marie's Halo LLC

Where is Winter?

Where is Winter?

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As snow-laden branches gracefully bow beneath the wintry weight, the crisp, cool air is rejuvenated with a refreshing blend of mint, ozone, and invigorating eucalyptus. Immerse yourself in the essence of a tranquil woodland as the aromatic notes of camphor, cypress, cedar, and sage weave a tale of nature's purest elements.

Delight your senses as the subtle infusion of incense and spice creates a harmonious symphony, enveloping your space in a comforting embrace. This fragrance is meticulously crafted with a thoughtful combination of essential oils, including eucalyptus, clove leaf, patchouli, cedarwood, nutmeg, cinnamon bark, labdanum, and galbanum, ensuring a truly immersive and evocative experience.

Indulge in the serenity of winter's embrace with our "Where is Winter" candle, meticulously designed to bring the tranquil essence of a snow-kissed forest right into your home.

This candle jar is 8 oz. and accompanied by a wooden crackling wick. ( fireplace vibes) 

Each jar will be accompanied with a handmade lid to protect your candle from dust.



Creator note: All jars are handmade from cement and tested for best quality burn with a strong scent throw. Made with all natural soy wax which is toxin free. Each candle design is UNIQUE as the marble design can't be duplicated. Bubbles may appear in your candle jar and that is perfectly normal. ( it just makes your candle extra The inside of our concrete candle jars are doubled sealed with a non-toxic, water-based protective sealant to prevent seepage of the wax and fragrance oil. Expect minimal variations.



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