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Marie's Halo LLC

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

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Transport yourself to the heart of a cozy holiday evening with our captivating "The Christmas Tree" fragrance oil. Picture yourself nestled by a crackling fireplace, savoring the company of loved ones while sipping on mulled wine. Let the air be infused with the delightful essence of our scent, capturing the essence of Christmas in a single candle.

Inhale the enchanting fusion of cinnamon, ginger, and the zest of orange peel, reminiscent of the delectable aromas drifting from the bustling kitchen. Allow the inviting warmth of clove and cypress to envelop you, evoking the festive spirit that fills the air. The essence of the Christmas tree comes alive with the comforting blend of pine and fir, while a hint of earthy smokiness from the fireplace wraps you in a blanket of nostalgia and joy.

Experience the magic of the holiday season, no matter the time of year, as our "The Christmas Tree " fragrance oil brings to life the cherished memories of a serene and delightful holiday night spent in the company of loved ones.


This candle jar is 8 oz. and accompanied by a wooden crackling wick. ( fireplace vibes) 

Each jar will be accompanied with a handmade lid to protect your candle from dust.       


Creator note: All jars are handmade from cement and tested for best quality burn with a strong scent throw. Made with all natural soy wax which is toxin free. Each candle design is UNIQUE as the marble design can't be duplicated. Bubbles may appear in your candle jar and that is perfectly normal. ( it just makes your candle extra The inside of our concrete candle jars are sealed with a non-toxic, water-based protective sealant to prevent seepage of the wax and fragrance oil. Expect minimal variations.



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