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Marie's Halo LLC

Clean Sheets

Clean Sheets

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Invite the essence of a bright, sunny day with Clean Sheets, a fragrance that encapsulates the nostalgic aroma of freshly line-dried sheets swaying in a gentle breeze. This scent commences with the soothing notes of cotton blossom, accentuated by a hint of lemon. As it unfolds, a heart of crisp linen emerges, evoking the sensation of pure, clean freshness. The fragrance is elegantly grounded by base notes of powder, sandalwood, and violet, creating a timeless and classic olfactory experience.

Clean Sheets rejuvenates your fragrance line, offering a timeless and comforting aroma that transcends seasons. It captures the essence of purity and simplicity, making it an excellent choice. 


+ Organic + Wildcrafted Witch Hazel / distilled water
+ Organic Gluten-Free + Non-GMO Grain Alcohol
+ Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil / 100% Essential Oil

All room mist are hand poured in small batches.

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