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Immerse yourself in the alluring depths of Egyptian Amber, a captivating fragrance that entices the senses with its woody allure and bold musky notes. This mysterious scent begins with a delicate touch of jasmine and ozone, gradually unveiling a heart of sandalwood, rich leather, and the earthy embrace of patchouli. As it evolves, Egyptian Amber reveals its true complexity, with lingering base notes of amber and musk that wrap you in an enigmatic aura.

This exquisite scent combines the essence of lush florals and tropical botanicals for a truly enchanting experience. At its core, a gentle base of powdery notes and violet cradles the senses, providing a soft, comforting foundation. In the midst of this paradise, you'll find a harmonious blend of green leaves and delicate florals, elevated by top notes of zesty lime, agave, and sweet honeydew.

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